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Who should incorporate California Dates into their nutrition plan?

Health Conscious Consumers

The Home Cook / Foodie

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Athletes/Fitness Enthusiasts

California Dates are the perfect go-to for everyone, from foodies and health-conscious consumers to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with special dietary requirements - even for your fur-baby!

They are natural, gluten-free, non-Gmo, vegan, and part of these popular diet plans:


California Dates Nutrition Facts at a glance:

Health Benefits

Explore the fascinating world of California Dates. From the beauty and allure of the Coachella Valley growing region to discovering the date varieties, their characteristics and tasting notes.

California Dates vs. other sweeteners

Find out how California Dates compare to refined sugar, other natural sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, and artificial sweeteners.

Nutrition Information

Dive deep into the nutritional profile of California Dates

California Dates vs. Other Foods

Find out how California Dates compare to other healthy foods

Download the California Dates Health & Nutrition Guide

Whether you are in search of a heart-healthy snack, a healthy sweet treat, an energy booster before, during or after a workout, or a nutrient-rich addition to your daily meal plan, discover how California Dates can be a delicious part of your journey to better health.