Dates 101

We’re passionate about California Dates and excited to share that enthusiasm with you. Dive into a world of information with everything you need to know, from California date varieties, tasting notes and perfect pairings, to the versatility of dates, date-ing tips, and more.

Welcome to Coachella Valley

A mecca for adventure-seekers, nature-lovers, foodies,  music, art, and culture lovers,  and of course, the world’s freshest, juiciest, and tastiest California Dates

California Date Varieties

Are dates a fresh fruit or dried fruit? How many California date varieties are there? Discover the differences between soft, semi-soft, and dry dates and explore California’s many date varieties, each with their own unique characteristics.

Tasting Notes & Perfect Pairings

Like fine California wines, California Dates each have their own textures and tasting notes. Find out which varieties are best for snacking, cooking, baking & more, and discover perfect pairings for your next date-inspired creation. 


California Dates can be enjoyed as a delicious, fresh snack on their own, used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, and used as a healthy replacement for refined sugar. Discover all the ways you can enjoy delicious and nutritious, California Dates.

Date-ing Tips

From storing your dates to maintain freshness, to freezing & thawing and rehydrating methods, we’ve got all the Date-ing tips you need!


Discover California’s commitment to sustainable farming, from the environmentally friendly cultivation of dates to their low carbon footprint during transportation. Learn how date palms purify the air, contributing to a healthier planet.

Who Loves California Dates?

California Dates are the perfect go-to for everyone, from foodies and health-conscious consumers to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with special dietary requirements – even for your fur-baby!